School Foodservice

We create new generations of food lovers and increase consumption of our client’s products through resources, creditable recipes and unique and impactful programs that reach influential nutrition professionals and school foodservice directors.

From farm, field, sea and bog, On the Tray, our school foodservice division, partners with the food and beverage industry to put your products on school menus. Powered by in-depth industry know-how and our unique 360 approach, we support innovation to drive change in school foodservice. With decades of foodservice and nutrition expertise and long-lasting relationships within the industries, we are proud to set ourselves apart as marketing experts in the school segment. From liaising with the USDA to garner support of influential directors to creating specialized recipes and technical guides, we are skilled in executing successful, award-winning programs for our foodservice clients.


  • Put your product on school menus
  • Train teams on how to use your product
  • Breakdown the barriers to use
  • Sit down with the USDA to stand-up for our clients
  • Whip up recipes that check all the boxes for schools
  • Spark professionals’ desire to get creative with your product
  • Kick-off campaigns that get kids excited to eat new foods at school
  • Get insights from the lunch line
  • Formulate test markets
  • Launch advisory boards and school lunch councils
  • Earn trade media coverage for school nutrition news and recipes

Let us show you how we get straight A’s for our clients:

  • Secured cranberries place on the USDA Foods Available List. To overcome the challenge of an oversupply, worked to put cranberries on the Foods Available List in a record-breaking six months.
  • Demonstrated how to use cranberries in school menus. Over a multi-year campaign, created and distributed recipes, resources and posters to support the use of cranberries at school.
  • Secured large volume sales of dried cranberries to foodservice management company. In effort to expand into private schools, we partnered with FLIK, a division of Compass group, to create new recipes for their independent school dining program.
  • Introduced walnuts to a California school district. Coordinated a pilot program to put walnuts on the menu at a large school district in California.
  • Provided schools with know-how to include walnuts and pulses on the menu. Many schools are hesitant to incorporate new foods on to their menus. Through serving ideas, menu suggestions and culinary tips, we created a toolkit to provide decision makers with the confidence to add new foods, like walnuts or pulses, to the menu.
  • Developed plant-forward recipes. Districts often fall short in creativity as they try to meet the beans and peas requirement in the National School Lunch Program. We worked with industry leading chefs to create innovative, kid-friendly recipes.

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