A Salute to Mommy Bloggers

With Mother’s Day still fresh on our minds we decided to post a salute to all of the hard working mommy bloggers who are constantly balancing writing a blog, raising a family and keeping up on all the latest trends.

Mommy bloggers (and Daddy bloggers) make for great partnerships with brands looking to reach the parenting community. Mommy bloggers typically have loyal readers and friendships throughout their vast social media channels. Readers feel as though they are a part of their life and can trust the different products or promotions they are writing about. However, with this trust comes responsibility, which is why many bloggers are very particular with whom they will work with.

A recent study conducted in 2011 by The Social Studies Group shed some light on what is it like working with a mommy blogger:

  • Two-thirds of bloggers reject at least half the pitches they get from brands
  • Social good matters to bloggers. Trust levels increase 56 percent for campaigns that include an element of social good
  • More than 40 percent of influential bloggers have never been approached by brands, in some cases because brand reps simply don’t know they exist
  • The majority of women bloggers want long-term, deeper relationships with a few special brands

The study also found that mommy bloggers rarely decide to stay home and raise children because they don’t have any other choices. Instead, they most often opt for the chance to do so. They are mostly a well-educated group, with a large percentage holding bachelor’s degrees and/or some post-graduate study.

The most popular topics they blog about include family and parenting, lifestyle, crafts/do-it-yourself, food, and product reviews. When pitching them remember that they need compelling and relevant information about the brand/product to make their decision.

Also, keep in mind that when working with a mommy blogger or even calling your own mom for Mother’s Day or any other holiday the most important thing to do is listen! Find out what interests them and respond with something they can’t resist!

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