Creating a Personalized Nutrition Plan in 2013

Consumers seek nutrition advice from a variety of sources; according to participants in Pollock Communications’ recent survey of registered dietitians (RDs), the top three resources are dietitians, social media and smartphone apps.

For consumers, it’s likely that a combination of these three can help ensure success through a tailored mix of support, expertise and convenience.

  • A dietitian is credentialed in nutrition science and can offer an individualized eating plan to suit any dietary need.
  • Social media can offer support from friends, family or others working toward a similar goal.
  • Apps can provide convenience in terms of food journaling, calorie counts and weight tracking.

For dietitians and weight loss programs, the three can work together to show consumers and fans that you can help them no matter where they learn or look for support. For example:

  • Dietitians can add to in-person sessions by Pinning recipe ideas, Tweeting advice and responding to followers, thereby proving expertise and gaining new clients.
  • Weight Watchers has in-person meetings, offers apps that track weight and calculate food values, and uses Facebook and Twitter to send words of encouragement to members.
  • Jenny Craig coordinates one-on-one consultations, has an app that helps people make smart choices at restaurants, and replies to Tweets with words of praise for members who share their successes.

As long as people are getting information from a reputable source, the key thing is that people are becoming more health-conscious, but if one or all these methods proves useful to an individual, that’s all the better.

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