Marketing to Men – A Shift in Dad’s Household Role

With Father’s Day right around the corner, marketers have been centrally focused on targeting dads’ needs, wants and desires. While most of the communications campaigns tap into men’s love of grilling or sports, recently released research on what influences today’s fathers has marketers second-guessing their approach.

The research, highlighted in a recent issue of Bulldog Reporter*, shows that fathers’ roles are shifting in households, causing marketing messages to shift right along with them. Among many others, Tide and their “The Princess Dress” ad and Well’s Fargo with their “Daddy’s Day Out with the Baby” ad bring to light these changes.

The research, taken from a sample of 1,000 adults with children 17 years old or younger, found that today’s dads are spending just about the same amount of time in grocery stores as moms. They also have been found to create detailed lists of what they need, participate in in-store promotions, use coupons and as a whole have more influence on purchases made in grocery stores than moms.

Whether or not these statistics hold true in the majority of American homes doesn’t bother Donny Deutsch, chairman of advertising company Deutsch Inc. He spoke about the fact that the campaigns featuring dads are still targeting moms and are just a romanticized adaptation of a growing trend. The recent use of dads in advertising in part is a depiction of changing times; however, it is also a long awaited discovery of dads’ untapped marketing potential.


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