O’Dwyer’s Features Foodservice Marketing Tips from Pollock RD

Alexandra Oppenheimer Delvito, MS, RD, CDN and Vice President at Pollock Communications shares her expert foodservice marketing advice in the March food and beverage issue of O’Dwyer’s, a leading industry publication providing PR and marketing news to the industry.

The article, Look Past Regular PR to Push Food & Beverage Awareness, pulls from her experience and successes in leading Pollock Communications’ dedicated school foodservice division, On the Tray. Entering the school foodservice market is challenging, so getting a head start is important for success. Looking ahead to the 2020/2021 academic year, Spring is the ideal time to begin planning, and with the right partner and strategy, food and beverage companies could find it opens the doors to a new audience and growth area.

Pollock Communications’ foodservice division, On the Tray, is dedicated to executing impactful programs that reach consumers with healthy foods and beverages. Click on the article link above or below for some tips from our award-winning school foodservice campaigns, and contact us for more information on how we can help your brand or company.

O’Dwyer’s March Food & Beverage Issue

Pollock RD Shares Foodservice Marketing Tips

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