Public Relations Pitching Tips to Help Score Media Placements

As PR pros, we are always on the prowl for the perfect pitch that will help secure media coverage for our clients. We research targeted media outlets, study the news and try to develop interesting story angles that are relevant to the media and highlight our clients. And with the speed of email and social media, we are able to reach out to journalists quickly and easily, but that doesn’t mean we are guaranteed success. At Pollock Communications, we understand that our news angles need to be timely, unique and individualized to grab attention and score a story. A recent Daily Dog article highlights some creative and useful tips for building the perfect pitch. We’re excited to pass them along to you because we use them quite frequently.

  1. Tailor subject lines—but keep them short. Hook reporters with a short, engaging subject line that catches attention and explains the topic of the pitch, while still leaving some suspense about what it’s entirely about, so that reporters want to read more.
  2. Provide clips—and think links. Reporters pay more attention to pitches when links are attached with more information – this helps them more fully imagine what message you are trying to send.
  3. Pitch trends—but peg to people. It’s best to bring a personality to the pitch – a personal story from a real person that relates to a trend always helps drive the story home.
  4. Stay timely—and targeted. The best pitches are always newsworthy and timely – be sure to call out ties to news events in your subject line.
  5. Pitch progressively. A “progressive pitch” is one that unfolds across several emails. The best of these are the result of a PR pro responding to follow-up questions from the interested target journalist.

Although using technology to reach out to different media outlets has become much easier and quicker, it has also increased the amount of information reporters receive – which means pitches need to be even more helpful, newsworthy and creative to stand out in the crowd.


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