Dietary Cholesterol Catches a Break

This just in!  The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Committee Report was released today!

Remember when it was critical to find foods that had “no cholesterol”?  For decades, nutrition and public health experts deemed dietary cholesterol enemy of the heart and advised Americans to cap their intake at 300mg per day.  Based on a comprehensive review of the evidence conducted by the Committee, the importance of lowering dietary cholesterol has been downgraded.

A historically feared component of animal-based foods, the advisory committee took notice to the growing number of studies failing to show harm related to cholesterol consumption among healthy adults and those with high cholesterol levels. The advisory committee is now looking for the Dietary Guidelines to remove the emphasis on cholesterol – stating that it is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption. Make no mistake, the committee is not reversing previous recommendations of reducing cholesterol intake, but instead is acknowledging that cholesterol is not the alleged villain as previously thought.

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