PR is a Great Field for Women and Moms

This is NOT a political blog post. I know better than to go there. But, whatever side of the aisle you’re on, if you’re a woman and a mom who happens to work outside the home, you couldn’t help but be swept up in the media firestorm ignited by political commentator Hilary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. No matter your view on her remark – whether you thought she really didn’t mean it the way it sounded and surely she doesn’t really think that stay-at-home moms don’t work – it likely made you think about your own situation. Well, it got me thinking…about PR.

I’ve been in PR for more than 30 years. I’ve watched the practice move from the fax machine to Facebook. From media lunches to blogger product reviews. But, one thing has remained the same. PR is a great field for women and moms. We are an army of women of all stripes…whether it’s fashion and beauty, science and health, financial or non-profit. Yes, we all have that slightly insane gene that drives us to work crazy hours and stop at nothing to please a client. But, the business is good to and for women. It has been a shining example of an industry that promotes and rewards women, as it almost uniformly encourages them to have a work/life balance, bring their daughter or son to the office and even make time to shop for a cute pair of shoes after a business meeting in Boston, or LA or wherever.

PR has always been a dream career for me. Barely stopping to give birth to my son 20 years ago, three weeks early and the night before a new business presentation, I’m still rarin’ to go. Clients value experience and strategic smarts, as much as they do the latest social media platform. And PR can grow and adapt daily, more quickly than many industries and businesses. You just have to “get it” and love it.

I’m sure Anne Romney thinks she’s worked pretty hard. And as a mom, I’d have to agree with her. But as a career outside the home was my choice…PR has been the most challenging professionally and personally of any path I could have pursued. We women and moms need to stick together and defend the choices of all women.

That’s my two cents…and I earned it!

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