Social Media and Holiday Shopping

Now that the thanksgiving turkey has been fully digested and the decorations were pulled out of storage it is official… the holidays are here!! In the PR world this means it is time to get our clients name and products front and center to those who are looking for the perfect gift!

A great help in the task is social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube all provide fantastic options for getting the message across to your target consumers. The most important part of this is choosing the right channel where your customers are spending their time.

With more than 800 million users, Facebook is the largest social community online right now. The average user is 38 years old, which means that social media is no longer just for college kids! Many of them are linked to more than 80 pages, groups or events to help stay connected with the world around them. Facebook Pages provide an easy way for customers to get to build a relationship with your brand or product and get to know it a little better through asking questions or commenting on your posts.

The 100 million active users around the world on Twitter demand the latest information and are constantly inundated with new, updated information in 140 characters or less. With this group it pays to engage in the conversation and find out what people are really interested in and what they think about your product. The knowledge gained from listening and asking questions can prove to be invaluable.

On YouTube, over 3 billion videos are viewed a day by people ranging from 18-54 years old. Of those users, 17 million have connected their YouTube account to at least one other social media service helping to make videos become viral and reach a larger audience. If you have something that is funny, unique or interesting try creating a video to showcase everything your product has to offer.

What all this means is simple… research your customers, find out what they are talking about and where then join the conversation! It all boils down to that word-of-mouth recommendation, which social media can help provide.

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